This DNAOS-powered StratML portal, provides access to the largest number of strategic plan, as well as performance plan and report documents, as can be found in the

sections, as well as confirmed through various pages of the StratML Portal Resources section.

The StratML Portal Resources section provides a range of related

along with various reference and support information.

Strategy Plans & Performance Reports
Every project and organization requires strategy and performance plans, as well as to monitor and report actual performance on those plans.

AIIM/ANSI Standards
AIIM and ANSI have been working very hard to develop StratML standards for strategy and performance plans and reports.

More on StratML Standards
The StratML Standards section also has more information the various StratML standards, and on the differences between the various standards Parts and versions.

StratML Documents
The StratML portal provides complete support for StratML documents and organizations. All StratML documents are freely hosted and rendered to navigable Web sites accessible to search engines, for easy reference. Free forms and stylesheets are also available to create, edit, and view StratML documents. Additional personalized and customizable application and support services as well as rich tools and resources are also available on a subscription basis.

StratML document management is integrated and powered by DNAOS technology, including support for

  • XSLTForm and SOA-Admin rich client input, data-entry, visual modeling, and reporting
  • Separation-of-concern smart layout publishing, with navigable site and portal generation
  • Unlimited granularity entitlement-based access control and tracking

More Information
More information is also also available from other sections of the StratML portal, as well as by request, where questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated and answered.