StratML Applications

StratML Portal
In addition to forms and stylesheets, the DNAOS-powered StratML portal provides many application services to support StratML and StratML documents, including:

  • Automated rendering of StratML documents to navigable and stableWeb sites
  • StratML document classification andcataloged accessto StratML document Web sites
  • Entitlement-based concurrent remote collaborative StratML document development
  • StratML document and document collection reporting and statistical graphics
  • StratML document and document section collection query, search, statistics
  • StratML document and document section matching, comparing, differentiating
  • StratML document graphical entitlement, modeling, management, and sharing
  • Automated StratML document migration, e.g. Part1, Part2, Part3
  • Automated StratML document transformation to any custom format
  • StratML document and document section indexing and referencing
  • Registration, account management, access control, cryptography
  • StratML documentation, tutorials, and training
  • StratML document PDF rendering and printing
  • StratML document archiving and duplication
  • Live and automated personalized support
  • StratML custom application services
  • StratML document customization

More Information
More information is also also available from other sections of the StratML portal, as well as by requesting to StratML at", where questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated and answered.

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