StratML Resources
This section provides access to a number of StratML resources as well as to related reference information.

Resources Types
Currently available resources are of various types, including:

  • Statistics: including Global StratML Portal Statistics
  • Indices: including useful StratML Portal Indices, and Document Section References
  • GUIDs: including StratML Document GUID References and Associations
  • StratML Standards: including:
    • StratML Part1: Strategic Plans, a simple and effective computer readable strategic plan standards
    • StratML Part2: Performance Plans and Reports, an accountability-oriented extension of the StratML Part1 standards
    • StratML Part3: Suggestions for extending the StratML standard, including for the complete support of US government's "GPRA Modernization Act" (HR2142)
  • Tools: including Forms, Stylesheets, Applications, and Services
  • Links: including access to other StratML related Documents and Sites

More Information
More information is also also available from other sections of the StratML portal, as well as by requesting to StratML at", where questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated and answered.