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StratML Standards
The StratML standards already currently include two levels or Parts (e.g. StratML Part1, StratML Part2) and a third (e.g. StratML Part3) is currently in development.

StratML Part1
StratML Part1 is the simplest and it supports strategic plan definition. StratML Part1 allows the definition of vision, mission, value, stakeholder, goal, and objective elements, along with information on the organization, as well as administrative information. Documents can have multiple instances of each element type, and each goals can have objectives. The organization, the goals, and the objectives can each be assigned specific stakeholders.

StratML Part2
StratML Part2 is more elaborate than StratML Part1. It contains all of StratML Part1 document information, adding new elements to fully support performance plans and reports. Each stakeholder can have multiple roles and each role can combine various role types. Each objective can have performance indicators, each with specific relationships, as well as measurement instances with both target and actual results. Performance plans typically define target results for the measurement instances of the different performance indicators. Performance reports add actual results to match the targeted ones.

StratML Part3
StratML Part3 is still in development. Extending StratML Part2 support for performance plans and reports, it is designed to fully support the most elaborate requirements, including those introduced by new accountability Laws and regulations like the US government's "GPRA Modernization Act" (HR2142).

More Information
More information is also also available from other sections of the StratML portal, as well as by requesting to StratML at", where questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated and answered.