StratML Forms

Forms are key to creating, editing, and managing structured documents like StratML Part1 and Part2 documents.

Many forms and related services are being developed for StratML documents, and they will be documented here as they become available.

DNAOS StratML document editing forms are typically based on the W3C XForms Standards, and developed using XSLTForms written by Alain Couthure from Agence XML.

Current Forms
DNAOS StratML document editing forms are documented on their respective pages accessible below, and currently include:

StratML Part1 Form
Joe Carmel from the U.S. House of Representatives (retired) as also developed an editing form for StratML Part1:

The DNAOS StratML document Part1 and Part2 basic editing forms can be accessed and downloaded from the following links:

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More Information
More information is also available from other sections of the StratML portal, as well as by requesting to StratML at", where questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated and answered.