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StratML Part3 Proposals

As StratML Part3 is developing, responding to many new requirements, proposed improvements range from incremental, from StratML Part2, to some that try to better address some of the more sophisticated requirements of the US GPRA Modernization Act, the US' site and efforts, internationalization, as well as the efficient management of StratML documents, document sections, document collections, security, access control, and the associated relationship and correlation requirements.

StratML standards should provide support for both simpler and more complex documents. Stakeholders or authors of simpler documents should not have to carry the burden and overhead that may be required for more complex documents. At the same time, complex documents should be effectively created, with maximum ease, coherence, precision, and completeness.

Not only is modularity a major factor in adapting to different perspectives, but it is also a powerful integration tool. More so, making documents, sections, and items as generic as possible allows StratML documents to be used and applied internationaly while greatly structuring their processing and the associated applications. Consequently, this portal section, devoted to StratML Part3, aims at optimal strategy and performance plan and report standards, proposing structured and modular approaches to StratML documents, integrating existing StratML Part1 and Part2 documents, as well as fully supporting the simplest and the most sophisticated StratML documents, with optimized support for compatibility and extensibility.

StratML Part3
Accordingly, keeping in mind the existing StratML Part1 and Part2 document base, as well as the rich requirements expressed through (HR2142) the US GPRA Modernization Act GMA), as reflected in its Section 10, as well as through the proposed data element mappings, between GMA/ and StratML, as compiled by Mr Owen Ambur, this section proposes a list of integrated design and implementation suggestions for the StratML Part3 standards.

The StratML Part3 suggestions in this section are meant to provide technical guidance and and support effective specification design discussions and work. All comments, questions, and suggestions are much appreciated and should be submitted directly to the webmaster for this portal, for consideration and potential inclusion here as well as in the StratML Part3 committee agenda.

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The technical and implementation suggestions proposed here follow some of the design elements behind 01 COMMUNICATIONS' DNAOS Technology. More information on DNAOS Technology and services is also available on request, from