StratML/Resources/StratML Standards/Part3/Items

StratML Part3 Sections
All StratML Part3 document sections are repeatable and logically related "stratml" elements, each supporting a potential-attribute set. For each element, attributes are non-repeatable string-based values. The potential attribute set includes:

  • Attributes that are required and typically managed by applications:
    • For all StratML Part3 document sections:
      • Class: Required StratML document section type, see Section Classes below.
      • Identifier: (e.g. what) a typically globally unique reference Identifier (e.g. primary key, GUID, URN/URI)
    • For all StratML Part3 document Relationship sections:
      • From: the StratML document relation section subject, or source, or parent, or owner, or referring section
      • To: the StratML document relation section object, or target, or child, or possession, or referred section
  • Attributes that are recommended (e.g. optional) and typically managed by users and authors, often also with application support:
    • Type: the StratML document section sub-type, for example, for a Stakeholder, it could be either Organization, Person, or System
    • Lang: the StratML document section language. Defaults to the referring (e.g. document specs) section langage or to US-English if none is specified
    • Sequence: the StratML document section ordering sequence indicator for sections of the same Class, in a repeated sequence of similar sections
    • Name: the StratML document section name or title
    • Description: (e.g. what?) the StratML document section description paragraph string
    • Value: (e.g. why?) a value item associated to the StratML document section (e.g. Dimension, UnitOfMeasurement, NumberOfUnits, PhoneNumber
    • Access: (e.g. how?) the required access level (e.g. public, private, etc.) for StratML document section
    • Period: (e.g. when?), the StratML document section validity period, an ISO 8601 period string
    • Location: (e.g. where?), the StratML document section address/geo locator string

Section Classes
The StratML section class is a required attribute selected from a list of preset values. These values also each have specific meaning and include:

  • Document: a StratML document identifying section. One per document (e.g. non-repeatable). Value is the document status. Sequence is the document Version ID. Period is effective document period.
  • Administrative: an administrative information section. One per document (e.g. non-repeatable). Value is document source. Period is document publication period.
  • Stakeholder: a stakeholder information section; Type is Organization, or Person, or System.
  • Role: a stakeholder role description. Type is "Owner", "Performer", or "Beneficiary", or "Performer and Beneficiary", or "Submitter". Value is relevance to context.
  • Information: a descriptive section. Type is Mission, or Vision, or Value, or Goal, or Objective, or Project, or Task, or Milestone, or Value Chain Stage, or OtherInformation.
  • Indicator: a performance indicator information section. Value is Dimension.
  • Measurement: a measurement instance information section. Value is UnitOfMeasurement.
  • Result: a target result information section. Type is Target or Actual. Value is NumberOfUnits.
  • Group: a section describing common aspects that characterize members of a group and used to refer to the group members, for example as subjects or objects of relationships. Groups are also the basic taxonomy structure section.
  • Relation: a relationship information section used between any internal or external, subject and object resources (e.g. sections). Relations define relationships, including document structure, references, associations, collaborations, capabilities. Relations have "From" and "To"referencingitems, in addition to other standard items (ex: Type, Sequence, Name, Description, Period, etc. Relation Types are used to better qualify the corresponding relationships, and processes, for example, are (macro-) relations that typically have "Process" types. Value is AssignedRights (e.g. the level of access over the object section (e.g. resource), granted to the subject (over the object) resources (e.g. sections)).

More Information
More information is also also available from other sections of the StratML portal, as well as by requesting to StratML at", where questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated and answered.