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8: Technology

Leverage technology to deliver effective and efficient policing services

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The VPD is currently undergoing a paradigm shift in business process. We are experiencing a growing emphasis on technology, as new technology tools for law enforcement are created and as the department looks at best practices and ways to create internal efficiencies. In any organization, there are two critical junctures that must work synergistically, to maximize productivity and ensure financial viability: IT and business. The alignment of IT and business has come under scrutiny over the last several years, as organizations must manage tighter budgets and are regularly called upon to demonstrate clear return on investments. To live, learn and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society, law enforcement must be able to use technology effectively. One of the most critical areas in the VPD’s Information Technology section is the ability to react swiftly and accurately to emerging and competing business needs, and to enable a structured and systematic approach to all internal and external technology initiatives. With the transition to multi-jurisdiction police information sharing with PRIME-BC, the VPD has led the way in technological advances in the acquisition, analysis and distribution of information. The next phase of law enforcement technology will be to develop and deliver the tools to enable operational units to proactively project patterns of growth and occurrences and to identify developing patterns of crime. The ability to identify target areas for operational deployment and analysis will improve our ability to manage resources effectively. It is essential that technology supports our business needs and that applications are not implemented in isolation, but as a part of an integrated system that includes new business processes, procedures and information flow. MEASUREMENTS * Conduct an annual department-wide survey to determine the degree to which the provided technology is facilitating the effective and efficient delivery of policing * Conduct specific technology user focus groups to obtain assessments of the degree to which the provided technology is facilitating the effective and efficient delivery of policing services