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4: Traffic-Related Injuries and Deaths

Reduce traffic-related injuries and deaths

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Traffic collisions cause more loss of life, injury and loss of property than crime. If we are going to have a city that is safe, we must work to reduce these numbers. The VPD Traffic Section works cooperatively with a number of partners to improve road safety, including ICBC, City of Vancouver Engineering Services, and other non-government organizations. Our focus is on enforcement, education and engineering. The VPD Traffic Section focuses its resources on locations and corridors where injury collisions are the highest. It is through concentrated Vancouver Traffic Enforcement Programs (VTEP) on corridors like Knight Street and Granville Street that a reduction in injury collisions will be achieved. In addition to enforcement, the Traffic Section, through the VPD Public Affairs Section, develops media messages that are the basis of a broad-based public education effort. Pedestrian safety campaigns are an example of combining enforcement, effective working partnerships with Engineering Services and ICBC, and public media messages about pedestrian safety tips. Education is also accomplished one class at a time through our Pedestrian Safety Tips for Seniors presentations at Seniors’ and Community Centres, as well as through our ongoing partnership with the Vancouver School Board and our Community Road Education Safety Team classroom presentations to students. MEASUREMENTS Key Performance Indicator: Number of fatality and injury collisions Additional Measurements: * Number of pedestrian-involved collisions * Number of tickets issued in high collision areas * Number of impaired driving investigations * Number of tickets involving pedestrian offences * Identification and targeting of high collision incident locations * Traffic educational programs delivered in a partnership with the media and community * Number of tickets issued by traffic enforcement