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12: Resources and Infrastructure

Identify and acquire the necessary personnel and infrastructure to adequately support operational and administrative needs

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As the VPD moves forward past 2010, it will face constant pressure to acquire sufficient resources to meet the needs of the community. These resource needs are not limited to funding, and also include the recruitment and retention of competent personnel, and adequate facilities and infrastructure to house and support a major-city police department. The completion of the joint City of Vancouver and VPD Operational Review in 2006 and 2007 identified the need for a substantial increase in the authorized strength of the Department. This review was all-encompassing, including extensive research into patrol needs to meet the service demands of the community, and to provide proactive policing time to enable officers to make a difference and solve community-based crime problems. The review also examined the staffing constraints within the multitude of investigative and specialty units within the organization. While fully appreciating that funding for additional positions comes from the taxpayers, the ability to fund positions is separate from the actual need for them. Resources and Infrastructure The VPD and the Vancouver Police Board are committed to working with the City of Vancouver and City Council to reach consensus on the required staffing needs of the VPD. The objective is to have one unified voice that speaks to policing needs in the city. From there, all parties can collaboratively approach problem solving and identify methods of improving efficiencies and finding funding to allow the VPD to fully acquire the resources it needs. This may include strategies to seek other sources of revenue to offset de facto regional policing services that are provided in Vancouver with the funding provided by V ancouver residents. It is imperative that the VPD aggressively compete within the current economic forces to attract the best-qualified applicants in order to continue building a world-leading police organization. The abundant opportunities available to young people today require us to develop and implement business strategies that align with the private sector, while maintaining policing as a viable long-term career option. The initiation, design and aggressive implementation of a consistent cutting-edge media campaign demonstrating the quality of our organization will greatly benefit our recruiting efforts. This “organizational buzz” need not be recruiting specific, but rather something recruiting can peripherally benefit from. Initiatives such as the elimination of JIBC tuition, and equality in pay and entitlements upon transfer for exempt hiring, may help us attract and retain quality people to continue our leadership in policing. Through 2008, the VPD will be proceeding with short- and mid-term strategic planning, in partnership with City of Vancouver Facilities, to determine suitable solutions for our facility and space needs. Our plan is to obtain funding for a space and location consultant, knowledgeable in police facility design, to examine our current facilities. Past facility considerations, such as a campusstyle facility, may no longer be a viable option or supported by the consultant’s findings. Only after a thorough analysis has been conducted will a business case be prepared with recommendations. The intention of the VPD is to work with City of Vancouver Facilities staff in order to achieve the facility infrastructure required to support a major-city police department. MEASUREMENTS * Completion of the operational review to assess personnel and infrastructure needs * Managers’ reviews and assessments of personnel and infrastructure needs * Audits of managers’ assessments of personnel and infrastructure needs * Compare identified personnel and infrastructure needs to successes acquiring the same