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10: Human Resources

Support and develop our staff to their full potential

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The Human Resources (HR) Section has made significant strides towards providing a principled approach to Human Resources Practices. It has applied the values of Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability and Respect to all facets of HR processes. This approach is evidenced by the following actions. HR has developed and implemented promotion processes for sergeant, staff sergeant, inspector and superintendent, which are transparent and fair. These processes contain checks and balances to ensure a non-biased selection of the most qualified candidates. Further, these processes reflect a collaborative approach with union involvement and include disclosure of ratings, as well as feedback opportunities for candidates. HR has also developed selection competitions for posted positions, which also strive for fairness and transparency. In order to ensure these attributes, competitions are competency based and include impartial HR representation in the interview stage. HR has made significant improvements to the level of professional service available to all employees. For example, Employee Services and the CISM (Trauma Team) are available on a 24-hour basis to respond to members in crisis. HR professionals are available on a drop-in, as well as appointment, basis. The HR website on the Department Intranet continues development. This service is only second to policy and procedure websites as the most accessed on the Intranet. Further, the Business Analyst monitors all business and structural elements of the department, and police members in HR receive professional development annually. Through Employee Services and CISM, HR provides members non-judgmental support regardless of what investigative process the members are undergoing. HR has contributed to fair labour practices by providing a flexible approach to labour issues. This has resulted in a very low grievance rate and has almost eliminated the use of arbitration as a solution to labour disputes. Another program adopted to support our members is an Employee Wellness program annually to debrief members assigned to high stress areas. HR has implemented and manages the Department’s Performance Development Program for sworn and civilian members. In addition to annual goals, employees have the opportunity to set and realize career goals. Almost 90% of our budget is spent on people, and the quality of service we provide is clearly delineated and distinguished by the individual and collective efforts of our sworn and civilian members. MEASUREMENTS * Conduct an annual department-wide survey of managers, or analysis by managers, to determine whether the competence of the workforce is sufficient to achieve best practices benchmarks; if it is insufficient, what improvements are required and how can they be achieved * Analyze employee Performance Development Reviews to assess whether employees are pursuing their development training and achieving their development plans and goals, and require reviews in support of all selection, transfers and promotional processes * Conduct an annual employee satisfaction survey or focus groups to obtain employee feedback as to the desirability of employment with the Department and information as to desired improvements