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Outcome 3.3: Critical Technologies

Develop and demonstrate the critical technologies that will make NASA's exploration, science, and discovery missions more affordable and more capable.

Other Information:

Mission-driven technology development is intended to meet unique near-term mission needs within technical, cost, and schedule goals. We will use the Space Technology Grand Challenges, the Space Technology Roadmap, integrated architectures, and mission needs as resources to prioritize the desired set of future technologies that will offer the most synergies and advancement of mission capabilities. Using present approaches with this new strategy, we will enable advances and improved performance by furthering existing evolutionary technologies, as well as developing revolutionary new technologies. We will balance potential technology benefits with specific mission risks, to establish the appropriate time frame to infuse each emerging technology. Across NASA, scientists and engineers will continue to collaborate on technology development, focusing on identifying technologies for future research and development, and testing promising concepts that will help achieve our mission objectives. We will draw from the creativity and innovation of our Nation's scientists, engineers, and technologists while advancing U.S. technological leadership by partnering with industry, academia, other government agencies, and our international collaborators.


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