2011 NASA Strategic Plan


Start: 2010-10-01, Publication: 2012-10-27


New in this 2011 Strategic Plan is a strategic goal that emphasizes the importance of supporting the underlying capabilities that enable NASA's missions. This addition ensures that our resource decisions directly address the balance of funding priorities between our missions and the requirements of institutional and program capabilities that enable our missions. We actively focus our planning decisions by using a tiered set of statements that describe a desired state during a relative time frame. The following six strategic goals are long-term, spanning the next decade and beyond. For each strategic goal, we present an introduction that discusses why we are investing in this goal, followed by outcome statements that set targets for that goal over the next 10 years and beyond.

NASA regularly collects and assesses performance information contributing to the APP measures and goals as the basis for programmatic and institutional decision-making processes within the Agency. NASA reports progress on the APP to Congress and the public in our annual Performance and Accountability Report, to support programmatic decision-making at a government-wide level. Our performance framework is thus an important tool for communicating with our stakeholders and the public. Through this framework we are held accountable for the Nation's investment in NASA's missions, reporting on achievements as well as shortfalls, and planning our performance goals for the next year.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:National Aeronautics and Space Administration



  • Charles F. Bolden, Jr.Administrator