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Outcome 3.1: Innovation

Sponsor early-stage innovation in space technologies in order to improve the future capabilities of NASA, other government agencies, and the aerospace industry.

Other Information:

We consider early-stage innovation (low-TRL technology) to be the foundation of our development process. Investment in low-TRL technology increases knowledge and capabilities in response to new questions and requirements, and it stimulates creative new solutions to the challenges faced by NASA and the larger aerospace community. Investments in low-TRL projects, through partnerships with the public and private sectors, have historically benefited the Nation on a broad basis, generating new industries and spin-off applications and providing a cadre of new technology-savvy innovators to fuel the Nation's high-tech economy. We will continue to engage the Nation's “citizen inventors” through prize-based challenges in areas such as satellite launch systems, advanced robotics, energy storage, green aviation, advanced materials, and wireless power transmission. We also will work to foster innovation within NASA, by providing Center R&D opportunities that capitalize on each Center's unique assets. To support studies and tests of visionary, long-term concepts, architectures, systems, and missions, we will continue to partner with other government agencies, academia, and the commercial sector.


  • Citizen Inventors

  • Public Sector

  • Private Sector

  • Technology-Savvy Innovators

  • Government Agencies

  • Academia

  • Commercial Sector