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1: Alignment

Align the business with technology.

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Technology is now a significant underpinning of government's mission. Satellite technology supports troop deployments, provides minute-to- minute predictions on potential natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes, and supports commercial aviation. Automated federal systems process huge volumes of transactions and distribute billions of dollars in annual benefits to various groups, including veterans, social security recipients, and others. The federal government invests in technology - but often in a way that is not strategic or designed to realize optimal fiscal benefits to advance its mission. One reason for this shortfall is that business/mission and information technology are not closely aligned and the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is underutilized. Through a closer alignment, the opportunity exists to transform government and significantly increase its effectiveness, efficiency and security. The role of the department/agency level CIO has evolved into a critical strategic position. Secretaries and Administrators need to select a CIO who has understanding of the mission as well as technology. CIOs should be empowered as part of the executive leadership team rather than pushing them down in the organization to only focus on the technology itself. When the CIO does not have the authority to satisfy business units' IT requirements at the enterprise level, it is common to see governance processes circumvented to meet individual business unit needs resulting in inefficiencies. Empowering the CIO, and holding the CIO accountable for results, promotes a collaborative and transparent environment at a senior leadership level that advances an agency's mission.