Tackling the Nation's Biggest Challenges by Investing in Information Technology Solutions


Publication: 2012-11-15


This paper provides an overview of themes and recommendations found in six separate topic papers addressing government challenges prepared as part of the Quadrennial Government Technology Review project. Exhibit 1 depicts the national challenges and the technology solutions available to federal government leaders to apply to these challenges. Greater detail may be found in the six supporting papers found at .

Institute for Innovation's 2012 Quadrennial Government Technology Review: The Quadrennial Government Technology Review (QGTR) is an initiative through ACT-IAC's Institute for Innovation to provide senior government leaders with a discussion of some of the nation's most pressing challenges. Over 100 volunteers from government and industry provided input to the seven papers that comprise the QGTR. Recommendations are offered to provide ways that information technology can make a positive impact on these challenges. Information technology underpins virtually every federal program and agency mission. Increased efficiency and effectiveness is especially critical to mission support, especially at times of budget shortages. This paper provides background information and recommendations developed by a cross-section of ACT-IAC members and represents a non-vendor specific, non-partisan perspective. The papers may be found at


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation


Established in 2011, the ACT-IAC Institute for Innovation was chartered to promote innovation in the delivery of government services and operations. It develops and delivers high-quality strategic advice that reflects cross-industry recommendations based on the consensus of experts from ACT-IAC's member companies and government liaisons. Through ethical collaborative discussion, the Institute recommends approaches to key issues affecting government where information technology can be or is a factor and a broad spectrum of perspectives is required.


  • ACT-IACAmerican Council for Technology -- Industry Advisory Council: The American Council for Technology (ACT) is a non-profit educational organization established by government leaders in 1979 to improve government through the efficient and innovative application of information technology. ACT was created to provide an objective and trusted forum for collaboration and education. In 1989, ACT established the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) to bring industry and government executives together to collaborate on IT issues of interest to the government. ACT-IAC is a unique, public-private partnership dedicated to helping government use technology to serve the public. The organization provides programs that facilitate communication, education and collaboration. Recognized as the premier collaborative forum in the government IT community, ACT-IAC has been called "a model of how government and industry can work together" and "the Switzerland of the government IT community." ACT-IAC welcomes the participation of all public and private organizations committed to improving the delivery of public services through the effective and efficient use of information technology.

  • Federal Executive TeamOur federal executive team must be armed with information to make difficult but effective investment decisions quickly and decisively. As our leaders look to find solutions to challenges around healthcare, national security, fiscal stewardship, information sharing, collaboration, and science and technology education, they need to make technology part of the solution and a catalyst for change to ultimately transform government and restore public confidence.