Growth & Opportunity Project


Publication: 2013-05-15


In December 2012, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced the Growth and Opportunity Project. As the co-chairs of the project, we were charged with making recommendations and assisting in putting together a plan to grow the Party and improve Republican campaigns. We were asked to dig deep to provide an honest review of the 2012 election cycle and a path forward for the Republican Party to ensure success in winning more elections. As requested by Chairman Priebus, we made recommendations in the following areas: 1. Messaging 2. Demographic Partners 3. Campaign Mechanics 4. Friends and Allies (Third Party Groups) 5. Fundraising 6. Campaign Finance 7. Primary Process

We met with, or spoke to more than 2,600 people, both outside Washington and inside the Beltway. We spoke to voters, technical experts, private sector officials, Party members, and elected office holders. We sought out Republicans from all ideological backgrounds. We convened in-depth focus groups with voters in Iowa and Ohio who used to call themselves Republicans, but who left the Party because they thought we weren't conservative enough or because we were too conservative. We conducted a poll among 2,000 Republican Hispanic voters. We surveyed political practitioners at the state and national level and also conducted a survey of GOP pollsters. We consulted with independent pollsters. And more than 36,000 individuals participated in our online survey to determine priorities and to identify additional volunteers for the Party. We encourage every Republican to read the report and review our findings. Our Party has an incredible opportunity on our hands, but we must seize it enthusiastically. We are confident these recommendations and others shared with the Chairman can lead to many victorious campaigns for our party. We look forward to joining our fellow Republicans in the work ahead.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Republican National Committee



  • Reince PriebusRepublican National Committee Chairman

  • Henry BarbourGOP Growth & Opportunity Project Co-Chair

  • Sally BradshawGOP Growth & Opportunity Project Co-Chair

  • Ari FleischerGOP Growth & Opportunity Project Co-Chair

  • Zori FonalledasGOP Growth & Opportunity Project Co-Chair

  • Glenn McCallGOP Growth & Opportunity Project Co-Chair