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3: Security

Align Business and Information Technology to Maintain a Culture of Continuity and Vigilance on Security

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Information technology is critical to all agencies' missions. The threats to those systems and their data are increasing exponentially and the ability for an agency to function at all is at stake. Therefore, it is imperative that the organization ensures protection of all government data and systems. Aligning IT and business infuses a more inclusive culture of shared responsibility. High performance organizations provide authorized users access to the data and information they need -- when, where, and how they need it -- and prevents unauthorized access. They ensure the privacy of their constituent's personally identifiable information. These organizations perform daily business continuity activities to maintain service, consistency and recoverability -- not just during times of disaster. Continuity and security are important to promote: Confidence -- citizens expect government services are available and accurate Trust -- data provided to the government is held private and secure The CIO is best positioned to evaluate technology risks, facilitate senior-level cross-agency deliberations and balance programmatic needs against security requirements. Research and interviews with government CIOs identify three key recommendations to align business and IT to meet the mission securely: