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1: Effectiveness

Align Business and Information Technology to Meet the Mission Effectively

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Information technology contributes to the mission every day through major systems as well as through systems that support email, phone, Internet, finance, HR and other organizational operations. Meeting the mission effectively means doing the right thing, the right way and evolving how the organization gets the job done as requirements, funding, technology and other environmental factors change over time. Users/customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders are the best judges of an organization's effectiveness. Alignment to strategic business goals, legislative mandates, regulatory requirements, professional standards, service level agreements and other benchmarks and requirements are effectiveness measures. Requirements performance, customer satisfaction, supplier/vendor satisfaction and employee satisfaction are also valuable sources of effectiveness measures. Strategically leveraged CIOs already manage business processes that address requirements for effectiveness and bring the necessary technical, business and organizational knowledge to strategic conversations. CIOs are best positioned to evaluate the IT aspects of organizational effectiveness and facilitate organizational deliberations and decision making about IT solutions for meeting stakeholder needs. CIOs help an organization evolve how the mission is accomplished. They bring together the art of the possible through close interactions with information technology and other companies' best practices and solutions. CIOs should make recommendations and act based on a clear understanding of the agency's missions and goals. The CIO is uniquely positioned to make this convergence understood and implemented successfully. The high performance organizations support the CIO in fulfilling that role. Research and interviews with government CIOs identified several key recommendations to aligning business and IT to meet the mission effectively:


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