The Lost Opportunity of the 2012 Elections


Start: 2012-10-25, Publication: 2012-10-26


It’s obviously asking too much to suggest that this kind of discussion be a part of the election narrative. But it’s not asking too much for it to become a part of the transition narrative, regardless of who wins in November. Austerity is real and the challenges we face as a nation are enormous. In the end, we’ll likely only be successful if we demand and drive a very different kind of conversation. A conversation about which we can all say “I approved this message.”


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Stan Soloway

President and chief executive officer of the Professional Services Council.


  • Government Network...“government” is not one thing; it is actually a network of delivery mechanisms that includes organic civil servants and the uniformed military, the private sector, universities, state and local governments, and non-profit organizations. Thus, one question we should be asking, but for the most part are avoiding, is how we can capitalize on that network to drive higher performance and lower cost.

  • Civil Servants

  • Uniformed Military

  • Private Sector

  • State Governments

  • Local Governments

  • Non-Profit Organizations