Government 3.0: Solving Public Problems with Technology


Start: 2013-09-04, End: 2013-12-04, Publication: 2013-10-15


Short Description: A weekly seminar that helps you to develop the mindset and skillset for leveraging the power of institutions and networks to design and implement effective solutions to public interest challenges. You will develop a project and a plan for its implementation, including a long and short description, a presentation deck, a persuasive video and project blog.

Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 9:30am - 12pm | Location: ITP 721 Broadway, Room 447/50 | Class blog:


Name:New York University



  • Beth Simone Noveck
    • Professor (Performer)
    • Instructor (Performer)

  • Mehan Jayasuriya
    • Sherpa (Performer)

  • Luis Daniel
    • Sherpa (Performer)

  • StudentsGov 3.0 is aimed at those who want to develop a specific social good project for which they want to build the skills to move it closer to implementation.
    • Purpose-Driven Learning (Beneficiary, Performer)The course targets the "purpose driven learner" -- the person with a topic about which they are passionate -- who wants to expand her toolkit for social change. Group projects are strongly encouraged.