ISD Near Term Goals


Start: 2011-10-20, Publication: 2011-10-26


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Integrated System Development Committee


What is ISD Committee's Scope in Solving this Problem? Two fold: -- Bring the inherent strengths of being "AIIM type people" * Semi-structured, unstructured data expertise * Joint user, vendor, researcher viewpoint * Standards organization expertise -- A unbiased, larger scope view * Bring together the best solutions available, identify the gaps that are not yet addressed, develop guides to use the best tools, within a generic ISD methodology


  • Thomas Pole
    • ISD Committee Chair (Performer)
    • Work Breakdown DesignerWork Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project to name the skills required

  • Pat Franks
    • Change Management (Performer)Pat will help with the organizational, and org. change management aspects

  • AIIM
    •  (Performer)What does AIIM Bring to this Effort? * What does interoperability mean in the context of "Information and Image Management"? * Suggested answer: Information systems that handle not only structured information (e.g. databases) but semi-structured (e.g. CDA, StratML, other XML, SGML based protocols) and unstructured (e.g. images, scans, video, etc.) AIIM is in a unique and strong position to make a significant contribution