Documents/HPI/4: Happy Planet Charter

4: Happy Planet Charter

Launch the Happy Planet Charter.

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We need new measures of human progress. The Happy Planet Index offers us an excellent example of how such measures work in practice. It shows that while the challenges faced by rich resource-intensive nations and those with high levels of poverty and deprivation may be very different, the end goal is the same: long and happy lives that don't cost the earth. We must balance the prominence currently given to GDP with those measures that take seriously the challenges we face in the 21st century: creating economies that deliver sustainable well-being for all. By signing this charter we:


  • Happy Planet Charter SignersPeople and organisations who have signed the charter include:

  • Friends of the Earth

  • Soil Association

  • 10:10

  • Compass

  • The Well-being InstituteUniversity of Cambridge

  • Action for Happiness

  • La Fabrique Spinoza

  • National Union of Students

  • Progressio

  • Stakeholder Forum

  • Practical Action

  • iied

  • World Development Movement

  • people & planet

  • green economy coalition

  • the green new deal group


  • The Energy and Resources Institute, Europe

  • New Economics Forum Budapest

  • SERI

  • one world

  • wastewatch

  • MedAct

  • the Gaia foundation

  • BirdLife International

  • Bill McKibben

  • Anthony Seldon

  • Jonathan Porritt

  • Caroline Lucas, MP

  • Joan Ruddock, MP

  • Jo Swinson, MP

  • Giles FraserCommentator and Priest in charge at St. Mary's Newington