Declaration: A Citizens' Call to Action on Open Data


Publication: 2013-10-22


We call on governments everywhere to take measurable, time-bound steps to [implement the following goals and objectives]

NOTE: We invite the public to comment on this declaration in [the] commentable version ... please add your thoughts by November 8, 10.00am GMT.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Global Open Data Initiative



  • GovernmentsGovernments exist "by and for the people". The data they collect (or fund others to collect) in the course of carrying out their statutory duties also belongs to the people, and in the 21st century it is fast becoming one of the most valuable public goods we have - yet it often remains inaccessible or unaffordable to the vast majority.

  • Civil SocietyWe welcome government and multi-stakeholder efforts to advance open government data, and we seek to contribute to their success. However, to ensure that such efforts deliver real and sustained benefits for citizens, it is essential that civil society comes to the table with its own strong vision, ideals and demands. The Global Open Data Initiative seeks to engage and unite as broad a civil society constituency in a shared vision of the role of open data in accountable, inclusive and participatory governance.

  • CitizensIn a well-functioning democratic society, citizens need to know what their government is doing. To do that, they must be able freely to access government data and information and to share that information with other citizens. Citizens' core right to open government data arises from its increasingly critical role in enabling us to hold our governments accountable for fulfilling their obligations, and to play an informed and active role in decisions that affect us.

  • SMEsIn addition, opening up government data creates new opportunities for SMEs and entrepreneurs, drives improved efficiency within government, and advances scientific progress. The initial costs (including any lost revenue from licenses and access charges) will be repaid many times over by the growth of knowledge and innovative data-driven businesses and services that create jobs, deliver social value and boost GDP.

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