A Common Purpose, A Strategic GOAL


Publication: 2013-11-08


GOAL has earned a global reputation among LPO leaders as the ideal platform to build and cultivate a robust global business network. From New Delhi to New York, GOAL has created a community of global lawyers and outsourcing experts designed for the exchange of ideas, guidance, training, best practices, and business development. As a world authority on LPO issues, GOAL produces and organizes collaborative, high-value events such as international conferences, webinars training and master classes, and promotes business networking opportunities to foster valuable business connections. The organization also provides educational, advisory and networking forums to buyers looking to outsource legal work.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers


The Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers (GOAL) is the world's first membership-based, non-political international organization for the legal outsourcing industry. Founded and mentored by global legal and outsourcing experts, GOAL's mission is to promote the welfare, interests, education, and professional development of all parties involved in today's legal process outsourcing (LPO) industry.


  • Legal Process Outsourcing Industry

  • Goal MembersMembership comprises LPO experts and trailblazers from around the world:

  • In-House Counsel

  • Business Process Outsourcing Providers

  • IP Counsel

  • Consultants

  • Law Firm Partners

  • Academics

  • Investors

  • Legal Outsourcing Service Providers

  • Training Companies

  • Placement Companies

  • Government Representatives

  • Software Companies

  • Legal Association Representatives

  • GOAL PartnersIn order to accomplish our objectives to spread the awareness on legal outsourcing and other related subjects, GOAL partners with number of organizations across the world. Few of them are listed here.

  • LexisNexis Legal & ProfessionalKnowledge Partner -- LexisNexis Legal & Professional is a leading provider of global content and technology solutions that enable professionals in legal, corporate, tax, government, academic and non-profit organizations to make informed decisions and achieve better business outcomes. As a digital pioneer, the company was the first to bring legal and business information online with its Lexis® and Nexis® services. Today, LexisNexis harnesses leading-edge technology and world-class content, to help professionals work in faster, easier and more effective ways. Through close collaboration with its customers, the company ensures organizations can leverage its solutions to reduce risk, improve productivity, increase profitability and grow their business. Part of Reed Elsevier, LexisNexis Legal & Professional serves customers in more than 100 countries with 10,000 employees worldwide. Visit:

  • Alliance of Business & Immigration LawyersSupport Partner -- 40 Global Law firms and 1,000 professionals have chosen to join forces in advancing best practices and stellar outcomes for their immigration clients. Through these collaborations, ABIL has established new levels of capacity and excellence. Through ABIL, we can offer a single point of contact for immigration process management and filing, invoicing and online client case tracking in over 50 countries. ABIL members operate directly in 15 countries, with vetted affiliates elsewhere. Click on the global map to find immigration services and location of ABIL lawyers. ABIL has renowned immigration lawyers in 24 U.S. cities. Click on the U.S. map to find immigration services and location of ABIL lawyers. Visit:

  • Organization of Legal ProfessionalsSupport Partner -- To promote the common business interest of the legal community, establish guidelines and standards for legal professionals on e-discovery and other topics, evaluate compliance with same, and serve as a resource on quality certification. The OLP is a non-profit organization establishing guidelines and standards for the legal field, with an emphasis on e-discovery. The organization: * Evaluates compliance with the standards; * Recognizes organizations and programs which demonstrate compliance; * Serves as a resource on quality certification; * Certifies educational providers that meet The OLP's standards. Visit:

  • Association of Certified E-Discovery SpecialistsSupport Partner -- The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), established by The Intriago Group in 2010, is the member organization for professionals in the private and public sectors who work in the field of e-discovery. ACEDS is building a community of e-discovery specialists for the exchange of ideas, guidance, training and best practices, and offers e-discovery certification. ACEDS, the member organization for e-discovery professionals, has established the field's first certification exam. Qualified candidates who pass a rigorous examination will earn the right to use the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS™) certification. Visit:

  • Indian Corporate Counsel AssociationSupport Partner -- ICCA is a platform of all legal professionals from the various sectors and includes In-house Counsels / Corporate Law Officers and Law Officers of Private Sector and State / Central PSUs. The sectors represented in the forum include private and public sector organizations in industrial sectors like Steel, Energy, Minerals, Heavy Engineering & Manufacturing, Media & Broadcasting and also Banking & Financial Sectors, Real Estate & Infrastructure Development, International Financial Agencies, Service Providers, etc. Select Law Firms would also be invited to participate as Patron Members with no voting rights Visit:

  • Association of Outsourcing Practitioners of NigeriaSupport Partner -- Following the Bridges across Borders Conference organised by the International Trade Centre and various African service sector associations in October 2008 which aimed to highlight internationally agreed outsourceable service requirements and offerings from an African perspective as well as allow national service associations network, exchange market information and promote partnerships, the need to have a formal Nigerian representative Outsourcing association was borne. The conference highlighted the need to ensure African countries were positioned to create a competitive business environment so that local providers could take advantage of the global BPO/ITO trend. To this end and following the confirmed interest of various individuals and organisations present at the association the road towards the registration of Nigeria's outsourcing association began. Association of Outsourcing Practitioners of Nigeria (‘AOPN') was registered in 2009 and is the only recognised association of outsourcers in Nigeria by the African Outsourcing Association (AOA). Though AOPN is a not for profit organisation, nonetheless, it is an extended enterprise platform that both local and global companies (Outsourcing service buyer) can select/combine services provided by AOPN members towards resolving business challenges at the right quality and cost. Visit:

  • International Association for Contract & Commercial ManagementSupport Partner -- The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management enables both public and private sector organizations and professionals to achieve world-class standards in their contracting and relationship management process and skills. It provides executives and practitioners with advisory, research and benchmarking services, and worldwide training and certification for contracts, commercial and relationship management professionals. IACCM is a non-profit membership organization that supports innovation and collaboration in meeting the demands of today's global trading relationships and practices. Visit:

  • National Bar Association of IndiaSupport Partner -- National Bar Association of India (NBAI) is incorporated as a non-profit, non- political and non-governmental association. NBAI is advised by a panel of eminent jurists, senior lawyers, eminent academicians, law firm partners and industry representatives. NBAI achieves its goals by providing opportunities for legal education, seminars, camaraderie & networking, Pro-bono Work, Public Interest Litigations and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the Indian legal & justice systems. NBAI enjoys strong and productive relationship with Indian Government and Judiciary. Mission Statement: NBAI's mission is to provide for welfare of Legal Community and to provide them with one collective voice to reform the Indian Legal System and remove Government bureaucratic rules & regulations (red tape) in order to usher effective and quick justice to its citizen, leading to nation's economic & business growth. Visit:

  • BPO Services Association UnlimitedSupport Partner -- The BPO Services Association Unlimited (BSA/U) was formed in 2006 as a private-sector led organization to aggregate the collective interests of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers. BSA/U members include Call Centers, Contact Centers, Transcription, KPO, DPO, LPO, Application Development and Maintenance, Animation, Graphics and Web, Engineering and CAD service providers throughout the Philippines. BSA/U advances the BPO industry through advocacy, supporting BPO -related Government programs and initiatives, promoting best practice and service excellence among its member-providers and by aiding in the establishment of mutually-beneficial relationships between Overseas Customers and BPO Providers. Visit:

  • Federation of International Business AssociationsSupport Partner -- FIBA is a not for profit organization and established with the primary objective to promote the free international trade and provide the platform the sharing of information & knowledge globally. FIBA aims to be world's premier trade body of companies and trade organization, association, chambers etc. FIBA's activities are centered on catalyzing the growth of the international trade and enabling the fulfillment of its future goals and aspirations. FIBA is not only the face of the industry; it is also a key arm. Through its information dissemination, awareness generation and brand building activities, FIBA has been helping companies stay ahead in the market and maintain their edge globally. Whether it is providing information to the industry on targeted markets, wresting concessions for the industry through close alliances with the Indian and overseas Governments, or organizing seminars and workshops to promote trade across the globe— FIBA has a packed agenda Visit:

  • Association of Corporate Lawyers Sri LankaSupport Partner -- In order to add value to the Corporate Lawyers, the Association of Corporate Lawyers Sri Lanka (ACL) has played a vital role too. The ACL has over the years, contributed well to the Corporate Lawyer by organizing numerous seminars, workshops, conferences and other forums in order to keep the Corporate Lawyer up to date with various aspects and Scholars of Law here and abroad to deliver lectures in such forums and that the Corporate Lawyer was richer in knowledge at the end of the day. While the ACL has performed well in the past by bringing the Corporate Lawyer up to date with law, it has also strived continuously to bring the Corporate Lawyer face to face with the fellow lawyers in a lighter vein. The social gatherings and outings organized by the ACL, has given the Corporate Lawyer an opportunity to get to know his/her fellow lawyers and to enjoy fellowship. Presently the ACL is in the process of creating a Data Base, which shall contain necessary details of all Corporate Lawyers in order to communicate the activities and future plans of ACL. Visit:

  • National Confederation of Industry BrazilSupport Partner -- Twenty-seven Industry Federations in the states and Federal District. Over a thousand associated employers unions and almost 100,000 industrial establishments. CNI is the voice of Brazilian Industry, a highly active organization in defense of the productive sector with the mission of defending and representing Industry. Finally, however professional a company's administration might be, it is always subject to external influences - like obstacles to accessing international markets, taxation changes, labor-related issues and environmental requirements. CNI activities also involve the Executive Branch and the whole Civil Society permanently evaluating the decisions being made that have a direct impact on the productive sector and watching the political and economic scene which can be divided into important thematic areas, namely: International, Infrastructure, Environment, Micro and Small Businesses, Economy, Labor and Social Responsibility. Visit:

  • Scottish Development InternationalCountry Partner -- Our aim is to assist in the growth of the Scottish economy, by encouraging inward investment and helping Scottish-based companies develop international trade. Scotland is already one of the world's leading international Shared Service Centre and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) locations, and it's a sector that's built on very solid foundations. We've been adding to our wealth of experience and expertise since 1990. And constant investment in our advanced, cost-effective IT and telecoms infrastructure and our highly competitive property market mean this sector has never been stronger. These centres combine HR, marketing, IT, financial and legal expertise to create nerve centres for organisations whose operations span not just the UK, but Europe and the world. These companies rely - and profit - from our huge experience in the legal sector. They gain from our expertise in document review, summary preparation, M&A due diligence, corporate transaction completion and post completion, filings and registrations, portfolio management and legal research. There are currently over 460,000 people already employed within finance and business services, with our world famous education system training more all the time. This ensures a steady supply of highly skilled staff ready to help with every aspect of the legal sector. All of which is why some of the largest companies in the world already trust us for our Shared Service and BPO expertise. These include Shell Finance Operations (Scotland) Ltd, Eaton, IBM, HEROtsc, First Data, Capgemini and Logica to name but a few. Visit:

  • DijITware TechnologiesAutomation Partner -- DijITware Technologies are the pioneers in developing high quality, low cost document and office automation applications for the business/corporate world. The applications automate the repetitive tasks done by employees and give them more work bandwidth to innovate and do more in the tremedous amounts of time they save. All applications are designed in a way that reduces errors to 0. All their applications are customized according to a company's requirement and the look and feel of the application as well as the output document/product is customized according to company standards and brand. To request a demo, visit:

  • Neyox OutsourcingReputation Management Partner -- Considered one of fast growing reputation management companies in the word, Neyox has been managing reputation online of its clients, stake holders and partners in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and India across all industries to help them perform with the best, unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities. Our reputation management consulting solutions provide direction and protection to corporate decision-makers. We link strategy, innovation and technology to ensure business success for our clients. We solve our clients' biggest business challenges through insight, experience and innovation, thereby transforming strategy into reality. Visit:

  • RichCountResearch Partner -- RichCount is a rich content management & consulting company offering its rich solutions in a range of industries like: Information Technology, Real Estate, Aviation, Travel, Entertainment, Sports to name a few. We are the most trusted consultant to the world's leading businesses. We work with leading organizations across US, UK, Canada, Australia and India. Our customized approach & consulting solutions ensures that our clients, stake holders and partners achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results. Visit:

  • EPHPSolutionsOnline Marketing Partner -- EPHPSolutions is a full service web design company based in India. They offer both informational and E-commerce website development with HTML and Flash designs. They can help you promote your small business online with a great looking custom designed website. Their goal is not just to create an online identity for you but give your business a competitive presence in your trade on the Internet. They have worked for clients from in wide range of trades. Our job starts at identifying your market, your competition and your business goals. They design and develop your web site as per your specific requirements. Completion of your website is never an accomplishment in itself. Now starts the road to an exciting online success story that they build Together. Their job starts at identifying your market, your competition and your business goals. Now starts the road to an exciting online success story that we build Together. Visit:

  • mediabuzz.comOnline Marketing Partner -- Asian e-Marketing is the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific and has been developed to empower e-marketers in the vibrant, ever-changing electronic marketing environment, zooming in on the increasingly valuable and indispensable tool of today's marketer's - the Internet. A pioneer here in Asia, Asian e-Marketing is currently the only informative e-publication focusing on the whole digital media scene, supporting, advising and arming e-marketers in this space, with the aim of giving them competitive advantage in the dynamic and continually changing electronic marketing industry. Key sections include e-marketing tips, best practices and trends/statistics, legislation affecting e-marketing, training the spotlight on companies and their e-marketing campaigns and e-marketing leadership profiles. Visit:

  • Asian e-MarketingOnline Marketing Partner -- Asian e-Marketing is the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific and has been developed to empower e-marketers in the vibrant, ever-changing electronic marketing environment, zooming in on the increasingly valuable and indispensable tool of today's marketer's - the Internet. A pioneer here in Asia, Asian e-Marketing is currently the only informative e-publication focusing on the whole digital media scene, supporting, advising and arming e-marketers in this space, with the aim of giving them competitive advantage in the dynamic and continually changing electronic marketing industry. Key sections include e-marketing tips, best practices and trends/statistics, legislation affecting e-marketing, training the spotlight on companies and their e-marketing campaigns and e-marketing leadership profiles. Visit:

  • WITNESSOfficial Magazine Partner -- The Indian legal universe has close to 5 million individuals, one of the highest in the world who, directly or indirectly, are a part of it. This excludes the masses that are facing or fighting cases in numerous courts in India. On the other hand, the media universe in India has been exploding with newer formats on unheard kind of subjects. However, there is not even a single magazine that exclusively deals with legal matters, so to say. Witness is to fill this very greatly felt vacuum. WITNESS vows to be a high-quality monthly magazine with the powers of fresh and original content that would deal exclusively with subjects pertaining to legality. Witness covers an interesting bandwidth of readers right from the core legal community of the country that includes the Justices, Judges, Lawyers, Advocates, Bureaucrats, Corporate legal professionals, heads of law firms etc. Visit:

  • Attorney Business NetworkNetworking Partner -- The Attorney Business Network is part of a chain of over 600 city business networks across the United States. Each is comprosed of local professionals, small businesses and major corporations, all coming together to learn, connect and grow their businesses through referrals. The Attorney Business Network is business and professional networking organization comprised of local service providers and businesses in Attorney, and the surrounding areas. each professional is committed to helping the city, providing top quality service, and growing their businesses through mutual referrals. We only allow 3 professionals per category per zip code (i.e. 3 real estate agents, 3 lenders, 3 graphic designers). All others are placed on a waiting list. The Attorney Business Network is here to help: We assist local consumers by providing them a directory with detailed information of our members. this allows consumers to make better informed decisions about local products and services. We create thousands of introductions, and referrals through our proprietary business networking software and facilitate the rapid expansion of local businesses in the Attorney and surrounding areas. We help unite Attorney and its people in their pursuit of mutual success and the betterment of the US economy at large. Visit:

  • Lawyer Business NetworkNetworking Partner -- The Lawyer Business Network is business and professional networking organization comprised of Lawyers committed to helping their city, providing top quality service, and growing their businesses through mutual referrals. We are the voice of lawyers who realize that true growth in our economy will not come from the simple printing of more money by the Government, but instead by the empowering and uniting of the small business. the Lawyer Business Network serves as the forum and platform to assist them in their desire to quickly grow their business through mutual referrals, education and alliance building. Visit:

  • BoogarListsMedia Partner -- With a qualified directory of more than 2,000 Venture Capital and Mid-Market/LBO private equity firms, BoogarLists is an excellent place for entrepreneurs to begin their search for investment capital. Whether starting a new company or striving to take an early stage company to the next level, CEO's and CFO's will invariably want to seek out new sources of capital or other financial services. BoogarLists provides an extensive directory of financial, operations and marketing services, as well as a comprehensive directory of conferences and associations, across the technology, media and communications industries. No matter what the stage of a company's development, BoogarLists has made it easy to locate and develop new avenues of capital and business resources. Visit:

  • Commercial Dispute ResolutionMedia Partner -- CDR (Commercial Dispute Resolution) is a unique online and print magazine for litigation and arbitration professionals operating in Europe. Published by Global Legal Group, CDR brings you up-to-the-minute analysis of the latest trends in dispute resolution practice. Visit:

  • BlassysMedia Partner -- "Blassys"- the Microenterprise E-magazine, is an online publication about microfinance and microenterpreneurs efforts, gains, and challenges. Our goal is to inform, educate, and entertain by bringing to our readers universal spectrum of ideas on Microfinance as well as thoughtful opinions by practitioners, scholars, professionals and of course, the microenterpreneurs. Visit:

  • IndiaTechOnlineMedia Partner -- IndiaTechOnline reports news, analyses trends, understands innovation and unveils research developments, in an attempt to become the one stop shop for everything from India on computers (corporate and consumer systems), software, enterprise systems, telecom (mobile and wireless) research developments and deployments; convergence technologies, personal gadgets and entertainment systems, service and business process industry happenings. Visit:

  • Bar & BenchMedia Partner -- Bar & Bench is the new face of legal journalism in India. Bar & Bench is a unique platform aimed at connecting India's legal fraternity, bringing to you the latest in news and issues affecting the legal domain. If you work for a law firm, a Legal Process Outsourcing company, a non-profit or public interest organization concerned with legal / policy issues, or you serve as an in-house counsel, a judge, a legal academic or a non-lawyer who routinely deals with legal issues, we understand that keeping abreast of legal developments in India and around the world is a critical aspect of your professional life. Visit:

  • Asian AffairsMedia Partner -- Asian Affairs aims to be the authoritative voice of Asia's emerging powers, including India, China and Japan, and their interaction with the wider world. South Asia is now at the centre of the world's economic and political focus and in the new century knowledge of India will become vital for policymakers, businessmen and industrialists. Asian Affairs intends to reflect that new status by giving the region its own authoritative voice. The magazine has already established a reputation as an authoritative source of news and opinion on economic, political and cultural affairs across the Asian region. It is being produced by journalists and columnists of extensive experience in India and Britain and has been quoted on a variety of subjects in media both in the Sub-continent and elsewhere. The circulation list includes businessmen, academics and diplomats in London, Delhi and wherever the politics of Asia is discussed and it is provided as in-flight reading by British Airways, Air India, Pakistan Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. The magazine enjoys regular advertising support from such major concerns as Air India, the India Tourist Office and Bombay Halwa. Other major advertisers are now showing interest and we want many, many more to support what is certain to be a major new voice and vehicle for business in the sub-continent and the rest of Asia. Visit:

  • National Law ReviewMedia Partner -- The National Law Review (NLR) is a centralized resource professionals consult to find business and legal analysis written by attorneys from premier law firms and by skilled business professionals. NLR articles cover numerous business law topics such as: Bankruptcy & Restructuring law, Employment law, Greentech law, Healthcare law, Insurance law, IP law and much more. NLR articles are presented in a user-friendly format, are free to use, and there is no log-in required. Visit:

  • OutsourceMedia Partner -- Outsource magazine ( has been an indispensable resource providing news, views, analysis and thought-leadership for the global outsourcing community since 2005. Through its flagship print title and via weekly Outsource Xpress email, website & social media tools, including LinkedIn & Twitter via @outsourcemag, Outsource delivers unrivalled content direct to the movers, shakers and decision-makers at the heart of the outsourcing space. Visit:

  • Professional OutsourcingMedia Partner -- Professional Outsourcing is the hard-hitting, investigative magazine for strategic decision makers. Professional Outsourcing stands out because no other title tells it like it is in the real world of work in a challenging economy. Professional Outsourcing is at the leading edge of business debate, controversial, complex, touching on all sectors and at every level of expertise. Visit:

  • Purple Cow MediaMedia Partner -- Purple Cow Media stands for for editorial excellence, independent voices, high-quality research and clean, eye-catching design. We love the internet, social media, blogs and platforms, but we are passionate about print: print confers value, exclusivity and a tactile relationship with the product. People turn to the Internet for news, opinion and chatter; people turn to magazines because they reflect something about the reader's life and aspirations back to them. Any magazine carrying our logo means cutting-edge, challenging and hype-free content, coupled with hard-hitting, topical features. We promise to give a platform to emerging thinkers and strategists, not just the usual suspects. Our publications reach into business communities at boardroom level; we target the decision makers. We talk to the analysts, but never recycle their opinions without question. Visit:

  • European GCMedia Partner -- European GC Empowering the legal department, that's the mission of, the knowledge portal for General Counsel in Europe. It contains thought-provoking and original content that empowers legal departments and informs law firms and solution providers who advise them. It also publishes must-read reports such as The Profitable Legal Department and Information Governance For Lawyers. Free subscriptions are available to for in-house counsel who are based in Europe or deal with matters in European jurisdictions. The strength of comes from the collaborative synergy of its co-founders, Patrick Wilkins and Jeffrey Forbes. To discuss important legal issues and thought-provoking management ideas join their European General Counsel Group on LinkedIn or Visit: Link for European General Counsel Group on LinkedIn

  • Corporate Law AdviserMedia Partner -- Corporate Law Adviser famous as CLA is one of the oldest and leading Journal on Corporate / SEBI and Business Laws of India serving the Legal Community since 1989. The journal which is published every fortnight has so far published around 130 Volumes comprising of more than 1,25,000 pages and is amongst one of the oldest Journal running successfully since last 23 years. The journal covers Judgments of Supreme Court, all High Courts and the Tribunals (CLB, SAT etc), Acts, Rules, Regulations etc. Report all the changes in law through Notifications, Circulars. Give insights though Articles on Contemporary issues by eminent authors. Provide Replies to various queries of readers on various topics. The Journal is a unit of Jus Scriptum Magnus Pvt Limited which is a legal publishing company (Print and Online) managed be legal professionals. Visit:

  • Partner -- is a community website for professionals who are shaping the operational, business services and support agenda of law firms across the UK. Our networking and educational events, working in tandem with our online community, encourage a culture of information sharing and collaboration among those within the legal business community, and our weekly email newsletter keeps everyone involved with LSN connected. We also publish a monthly e-magazine, Briefing, for directors and managers in top-250 law firms. It features interviews, articles, commentary, analysis and real-world case studies - so if you want to know what firms like DLA Piper, Linklaters, Shoosmiths, Olswang, Brodies, Addleshaw Goddard, SJ Berwin, Berwin Leighton Paisner and Fisher Meredith think about the future of the legal sector, Briefing is where you'll find out. We are supported by our networkpartners who engage with our audience by adding their news, events, jobs and resources to the website along with attending our regular networking events and contributing to Briefing. Visit

  • sourcingfocus.comMedia Partner --, published in association with the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), was set up three years ago to provide an informative online resource for the outsourcing industry and is now the leading portal for the sourcing community with rapidly increasing traffic and 18,000 newsletter subscriptions. We continue to break key industry news, but have further established ourselves as a repository for articles and examples of best practice in outsourcing. Our readers participate in lively discussion and debate and the portal delivers up-to-date outsourcing news, in-depth analysis, features, blogs and opinion pieces from our experienced editorial team and leading industry players. Visit:

  • SympaticoMedia Partner -- Bell Canada's Sympatico Portal Division ("Sympatico"), is a Canadian Web communications, commerce and media provider which owns and operates a Network of national and local Canadian internet media properties. Sympatico provides, through its Network of properties, an integrated collection of local, national and global Internet content, as well as several products and services, including Web search and directory services, Internet communication and personalization features, personal Web publishing, and various other Internet-based products and services for the consumer and small-office/home office market in Canada. Visit:

  • LegalEraMedia Partner -- LegalEra, India's First Legal Media Group with its web and print publication sets out a mark to create a new palladium for Lawyers, Law firm, Corporate Houses and also Business Enterprises to know how, why & where to find the legal updates, latest legal news & deals of global law firms; Also serving 'Milestone' judgments from across the globe, ranking and survey of worldwide law firms along with Firm profiles. We are 'flexible yet fast'! Visit:

  • business todayMedia Partner -- Visit:

  • The EuROPEAN LAWYERMedia Partner -- Visit:

  • India Business Law JournalMedia Partner -- India Business Law Journal is the only international business magazine to focus exclusively on legal issues in India. Catering directly to top-level corporate counsel, business leaders, outsourcing professionals and partners at regional and international law firms, it provides in-depth coverage of the legal, financial and regulatory issues that face foreign and domestic companies with operations, investments or intellectual property exposure in India. The challenges and opportunities associated with establishing and maintaining successful outsourcing partnerships receive prominent coverage in the magazine, which also provides unrivalled intelligence on India's outsourcing service providers. Every November, India Business Law Journal announces the results of its annual Legal Process Outsourcing Awards. Visit: