Documents/F/1: Co-Creation

1: Co-Creation

Combine the informal character of social networks with the methodological approach of foresights to engage stakeholders in the co-creation of futures and policy ideas that matter to them.


  • Creative ThinkersAs creative and visionary thinker -- You want to write a piece of narrative or essay for Futurium. You may also want to contribute to existing futures just like in wiki. Your contributions will be immediately recognised by Futurium. A versioning system will ensure traceability of contributions with possibility to revert old contributions into new ones. You may also want to write an idea for future policies. the policy idea can then be referred to from within one or more futures. Browse teh futurium to have an idea of how futures and policy ideas look like.

  • Visionary Thinkers

  • Content CuratorsAs content curator -- Each Future, being it a vision or a long lasting trend, has to fulfil minimum quality standards in terms of messages and linguistic style. Futurium is meant to host intriguing and visionary content that can help informing policy reflections. It does not matter how far in time the future is, it has to be inspirational. So, do you want to be acurator for one of the furures? Just go into the page of the future and formulate your request with a statement in the comments box. The Futurium will then try to accomodate your request. Being a curator on the futurium implies a number of tasks: * Ensure that content is in the right form and language, simple, concise, clear, understandable by all. * Raise the right questions and teasers to provoke constructive reaction. * Value contributions by reinforcing their messages, linking their messages with others, sharing updates, etc. * Enrich content with evidence, (references to scientific articles, other foresight reports, possibly links EC funded projects and activities). * Periodically review the keywords to ensure completeness and consistency * Connecting futures with other relevant futures * Subscribe to be notified of changes to the future you are curating

  • Message MultiplierAs online message multiplier -- You can also decide to be a mover to help Futurium becoming known. * Act as a digital futures evangelist and facilitate the contribution of visionary thinkers. * Engage stakeholders and invite them to become curators and multipliers. * Value contributions by reinforcing their messages, linking their messages with others, sharing updates, etc.

  • Futurium Conversation HostAs host of Futurium conversations -- An online engagement process can be dramatically accelerated by in-person coversations. You can hold a brainstorming meeting and invite whoever you want to debate about futures. Be open, participatory, reflexive. We will try to help you in: * Shaping your participatory brainstorming * Harvesting knowledge * Hosting the sintesis on Futurium for further co-creation

  • Futurium TesterAs tester to help us further improving Futurium -- Futurium is only in its infancy. Implementing the Policy Making 3.0 model may take years or decades. Futurium is just a prototype and requires yoru feedback and hints to better fit its purpose. Feedback may be in term of functionality enhancement, bugs, or user experience. We thank you in advance for your participation and contribution.