The Data Reference Model Management Strategy


Start: 2006-08-18, Publication: 2010-09-06


The DRM, as a value proposition, assists federal business leaders, CIOs and CFOs in: * Mapping from business and mission goals to data and information usage * Providing an explicit link between the business needs of an agency and its data services and technologies. * Discovering which data is available for sharing and reuse * Making visible and accessible data that is available for reuse * Ensuring that procedures for security, privacy, quality, and appropriate use of the data shared are considered and followed. * Reducing unnecessary redundancies in the collection and storage of data * Driving down IT system costs through effectively managing data * Improving consistent access to and dissemination of government information * Designing rapid information sharing in responding to time sensitive events or crises


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Data Architecture Subcommittee


The CIO Council’s Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (AIC) has chartered a new federal-wide Data Architecture Subcommittee to realize the value proposition of the DRM.