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4: Committees and Initiatives

Host a wide variety of committees, task forces, work groups, and initiatives that are essential to the field of alternative dispute resolution.

Other Information:

ACR also hosts a wide variety of committees, task forces, work groups, and initiatives that are essential to the field of alternative dispute resolution.


  • ACR CommitteesWould you like to get more involved in an ACR or work on a specific ACR project? ACR President Marya Kolman is beginning to form committees and task forces for the upcoming year. She is looking for people who would like to serve on these committees and task forces or work on a special ACR project. If you are interested or would like more information about these opportunities, please contact Marya at

  • ACR Annual Conference CommitteeStanding Committee - Develops the program for the ACR Annual Conference

  • ACR Awards CommitteeStanding Committee - Selects recipients for ACR organizational awards

  • ACR Diversity and Equity Network CommitteeStanding Committee - Promotes diversity and equity within ACR and the conflict resolution field.

  • ACR Elections and Nominations CommitteeStanding Committee - Oversees elections for ACR President-Elect and Board of Directors

  • ACR Ethics CommitteeStanding Committee - Makes recommendation to Board of Directors regarding ethical standards and ethical issues

  • ACR Finance CommitteeStanding Committee - Provides guidance to Board of Directors and staff about budget and financial matters

  • ACR Membership CommitteeStanding Committee - Promotes and grows ACR membership

  • ACR Accessibility CommitteeIdentifies accessibility challenges in ACR conferences, materials, and programs for people with disabilities and makes recommendations to improve accessibility

  • ACR Conflict Resolution Day CommitteeDevelops and promotes programs for Conflict Resolution Day

  • ACR Credentialing CommitteeWorks on development of model standards and other forms of credentialing for practitioners

  • ACR Sections Mentoring CommitteeProvides mentoring services to sections

  • ACR Student Outreach CommitteeProvides recruitment and mentoring services to students

  • ACR Task Forces

  • ACR Future Conferences Task ForceMakes recommendations regarding site, facilities and programming for future conferences

  • ACR Higher Education Task ForceDevelops and oversees discussion of Model Standards for post-graduate conflict resolution education programs

  • ACR Work Groups

  • ACR International Expansion Working GroupResearches and explores models and structure for ACR international expansion

  • ACR Legislative and Public Policy GroupReviews and promotes awareness about legislative and public policy initiatives at all levels of government

  • ACR Publications GroupOversees all ACR publications including ACResolution, Conflict Resolution Quarterly and ACR Update

  • ACR Public Dialogue Working GroupExplores public dialogue initiatives in relation to ACR

  • ACR Public Education GroupDevelops and oversees projects to raise public awareness about conflict resolution programs and methods

  • ACR Public Relations GroupOversees social media, media relations, press kits, and other public relations matters

  • ACR Resource Development GroupRaises funds for ACR and ACR projects and proposes resource development policies and procedures

  • ACR Website GroupOversees ACR websites and recommends changes to ACR website