Documents/9SMIEG/4: Cross-Cutting Missions & Functions

Strategy 4: Cross-Cutting Missions & Functions

Develop career enterprise executives to lead cross-cutting missions and functions

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The successful federal enterprise cannot depend on just Cabinet and sub-Cabinet appointees to lead it. To be sure, we expect that the president will appoint his most trusted Cabinet secretaries and sub-Cabinet officials to lead presidential priorities included in the enterprise performance plan. However, there are only so many of those appointees to go around. If the concept of enterprise is ever to get to scale, career executives will have to be utilized. Some may be called upon to serve as the day-to-day deputies of Cabinet- level goal leaders, whose official responsibilities preclude full-time focus. Other career executives may be asked to do even more, taking direct charge of cross-cutting mission areas and support functions.


  • Career Enterprise ExecutivesSenior career executives must be developed with an enterprise perspective and the ability to demonstrate the enterprise leadership skills enumerated earlier.