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3.3: Priorities

Organize and execute around priorities.

Other Information:

The essential focus of the fourth generation of management can be captured in the time management matrix ... Basically, we spent time in one of four ways... the two factors that define an activity are ugent and important. Urgent means requiring immediate attention... Urgent matters are usually visible. They press on us; they insist on action. They're often popular with others. They're usually right in front of us. And often they are pleasant, easy, fun to do. But so often they are unimportant! Importance, on the other hand, has to do with results. If something is important, it contributes to your mission, your values, your high-priority goals. We react to urgent matters. Important matters that are not urgent require more initiative, more proactivity... Effective people stay out of quadrants III and IV because, urgent or not, [the activities in those quadrants] are not important.