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3.1: Core Capabilities

Use adult-learning practices to build core capabilities

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Using adult-learning practices to build core capabilities -- Management skills are crucial to the success of any government program. A study by McKinsey and Oxford University revealed that more than two-thirds of budget overruns in large-scale IT projects are due to managerial -- not technical -- shortcomings. Best-practice government agencies are investing to make sure their managers are equipped with the requisite know-how. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Multifamily Housing Programs recently undertook a capability-building program that included a series of process improvements, the introduction of new managerial routines, and intensive coaching on problem-solving skills. The program yielded a reduction of more than 70 percent in the agency's backlog of housing applications and a 35 percent productivity improvement. When Germany's Federal Labor Agency undertook a similar program, the agency's "customers" benefited: their average duration of unemployment fell from 164 days to 136 days. The Swedish Migration Board's capability-building efforts led to a reduction in average processing times from 267 days to 85 days, saving more than $160 million annually.