Future Direction for AIIM iECM Committee (Proposed): Overall Scope and Specific Goals


Publication: 2011-02-03


Name:Owen Ambur



Name:iECM Committee


iECM – Current State: * iECM spawned what became the OASIS CMIS effort * iECM concentrated most recently (2009-2010) on evaluating value of, and investigating best practices to leverage CMIS * CMIS has been well accepted by vendors and users communities * iECM’s CMIS based reference applications have been well received, and lessons learned have been published in online sites and blogs ### iECM Committee in 2010: * iECM’s contribution to the CMIS spec itself, and the evaluation, as well as the resulting promotion of CMIS have shown past efforts to have been worthwhile * The current public view of iECM’s past and current efforts is now “Been there, done that. Next!” * iECM Committee participation is down, way down. – This was not totally unexpected, and the committee has been discussing the need for refocusing and/or redefining itself for about 6 months


  • Thomas PoleCo-Chair

  • Laurence HartCo-Chair

  • Betsy FanningDirector of Standards, AIIM

  • Pat FranksCommittee member

  • Denise BedfordCommittee member

  • Owen AmburCommittee member