Overview of the ePortfolio platform


Publication: 2013-02-19



Name:Owen Ambur



Description: is a student-centered platform which, is augmented by a Project Builder and an Assessment module.


  • Carolyn RogersePortfolio Director

  • Carolyn CaggianoOnline Student Services

  • Students

  • FacultyFaculty Tools -- Faculty Options: Faculty can accept portfolios as a "view", which allows them to comment on each piece of work and on the portfolio as a whole, or as a zipped indexed file which can be downloaded. Project Builder: The Project Builder allows instructors, groups, departments, or the institution to design portfolio assignments for classes and for institutional and/or programmatic assessment. Projects can encourage selection, reflection, and a holistic view of work. Rubrics can be created to provide guidance on quality and expectations. Faculty Portfolios: Faculty can create their own portfolios to use for professional development, to highlight their achievements, or to archive material for promotion and tenure.

  • Educational InstitutionsAdministrative and Assessment Tools -- Many institutions use portfolios for outcomes assessment across many classes including majors, general education, minors, and pre-professional training. Departments, programs, majors, or general education courses are able to use a single project for assessment by creating a master project which can be copied by each instructor. If grading rubrics are used, they can be aggregated for assessment purposes.