IN: India
In (the) IN: India, the available StratML documents are organized according to the scope of their organization, as reflected in the menu below.

Organization scope is summarized by a two letter code, where the first character characterizes the geo-political scope, while the second character reflects the operational structure of the organizations.

Geo-political Scope
The currently supported geo-political scope codes include:
G: Global, I: International, N: National, n: Small National, S: State, Province, R: Regional, M: Municipal, L: Local

Operational Scope
The currently supported operational scope codes include:
G: Government, P: Para-government, I: Industrial, Manufacturing, S: Service, Commerce, E: Education, N: Non-profit, O: Other, C: Computing, H: Health Care, K: Knowledge, Information, M: Military, T: Telecoms, Media

# Scope
001 NE: National/Education
002 NG: National/Government
003 NN: National/Non-profit
004 SG: State, Province/Government