About XeeMe


Publication: 2012-03-05


What is our innovation? XeeMe created a sophisticated algorithm to measure social presence popularity and site relevance. Unlike many scores that are based on a person's push into the market the XeeScore measures the attractivness of a social presence (from a brand or individual) by the attractiveness and popularity in the social web.


Name:Owen Ambur




XeeMe is a social media software company focusing on social presence management. The social presence is the sum of all social profiles of an individual or brand and the foundation of any social media engagement. A "XeeMe" lets users or brands organize, grow and monitor their social presence in an easy to use and professional manner. XeeMe measures popularity and attractiveness of the respective social presence with the so called XeeScore. The integrated analytics system help monitor progress and success and provides a unique way to benchmark presence value. XeeMe has the largest number of supported social networks. The Palo Alto, California based company started in 2010, launched the product in 2011 and today has users in over 100 countries.