Walk Your Talk 2013


Start: 2013-01-28, End: 2013-01-30, Publication: 2013-01-07


Walk Your Talk is designed for those actively seeking more sustainable ways of living and working... This year's theme is 'Prosperity - what does it mean to you (and us)'?

Walk Your Talk is invariably a moving, productive, inspiring and refreshing experience. It's all these things because we decide to give ourselves (and each other) enough time to get really deeply into the things that matter to us most. So although it seems hard to justify time ‘off work' and away from families, it is precisely this gift that clears our heads, relaxes us, and takes us to a depth of understanding and relationship that eludes us from day to day. Have a look at the feedback from previous events, and ask yourself why you don't deserve a fantastic working break in beautiful space, with wonderful people...


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Inspired Lives


Inspired Lives is an executive coaching, leadership and organisation development consultancy, founded in the year 2000. We intervene to deliver lasting change through coaching, team facilitation, leadership development programmes and executive retreats.


Modoto's visioning workshops, training events and coaching support will encourage, inspire and enable you to take your ideas and make them happen. We'll help you bring everyone on board and use all their skills and energy to turn vision into reality.

Name:Association of Sustainability Practitioners


ASP's purpose is to connect, challenge and support people who share the vision of a more sustainable society. We do this by opening up new territory, addressing countless questions about sustainability from the domestic scale to the global. We learn as we go, finding new, innovative, practical, workable solutions and perspectives that can be passed onto others.



Wiser is a global village for sharing and kinship-building for people who believe in a more just and sustainable world.