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Publication: 2014-01-01




We the Individuals was founded by Jeff Peterson in November of 2011 to help vocalize the often unheard arguments of libertarianism in the key debates. Since its founding, We the Individuals has garnered over 22,000 fans on its Facebook page, and the articles here at have been read in over 100 countries.


  • Jeff Peterson IIFounder & Co-Owner -- Jeff founded We the Individuals in 2011 as a self described constitutional-libertarian, but has since progressed into an Anarchist with an Austrian School perspective.

  • Thomas J. Michie VIICo-Owner & Editor -- Thomas is currently studying Anthropology and Archaeology at Harvard University, and previously studied Economics and History at Birmingham-Southern College where he was first introduced to the Ludwig von Mises Institute and libertarianism in general.

  • Natalie Fawn DanelishenGraphic Designer -- Natalie has become very well-known for her Graphics at Unbound Quotes and Notes. She also worked at the Ludwig von Mises Institute for 2 years and was a guest on the show Adam vs. The Man.

  • Gabriela R. LyonsContent Contributor -- Gabriela is a writer whose first novel, among many others to come, The Lethean is set to be released shortly. She wrote "Contra Permits" which can be found in our Archives.

  • Matthew TanousContent Contributor -- Matthew is from Colorado and is a firm advocate for laissez-faire capitalism and a stateless society. He wrote "On the Supposed Chaos of Anarchy" which you can find in our Archives.

  • Corey Joseph SinzContent Contributor -- Corey is finishing up his bachelors degree in business management and is a bitcoin miner. His main goals are to help other individuals become more free by a revolution of the mind and getting Firefly brought back for another season.

  • Kelsey HaskinsContent Contributor -- Kelsey is one of our newest members. She voted for Ron Paul as a Delegate in the Iowa State Convention and is currently involved with Liberty Iowa.

  • Ashley LaFramboiseContent Contributor -- Ashley is also one of our newest members to join the team. She was born and raised in the south from a moderately apolitical but Republican family. She made her way down the slippery slope of anarchism by being introduced to Ron Paul; Ashley was then influenced by Jeff to read Rothbard, and the rest has been anarchist history.