Wealth and Poverty in America: A Collective Narrative


Publication: 2013-12-21


This collective narrative presents ideas that were brought to or emerged in the conversation on Poverty and Wealth in America hosted by Fedor Ovchinnikov, Dana Pearlman, Antoine Moore, Kathleen Paylor, and Steve Snider at the Kaiser Center Garden Room in Oakland, CA on November 8, 2013.

This narrative is based on the notes taken by Rani Croager, Nathan Heinz, Betsy Morris, Elizabeth Banks, and Josie Smith Malave. All participants had an opportunity to review the draft and suggest their own edits, and then our professional editor Amber Vyn polished the final text. We realize that there are many ideas and points of view that were not part of this particular conversation, and we aspire for this collective narrative to grow and evolve as data from more conversations on wealth and poverty become available. If you have any questions about this text or want to take part in its ongoing development, please contact Fedor Ovchinnikov at Amber Vyn can be contacted at


Name:National Dialogue Network



  • Fedor OvchinnikovNarrative host

  • Dana PearlmanConversation host

  • Antoine MooreConversation host

  • Kathleen PaylorConversation host

  • Steve SniderConversation host

  • Rani CroagerNote taker

  • Nathan HeinzNote taker

  • Betsy MorrisNote taker

  • Elizabeth BanksNote taker

  • Josie Smith MalaveNote taker

  • Amber Vynour professional editor Amber Vyn polished the final text

  • Bay Area CommunityOn November 8, 2013, around 20 individuals from a broad cross-section of the Bay Area community came together to discuss the difficult subject of wealth and poverty in America. Our hosts asked us to bring our burning questions about wealth and poverty to small group discussions and suggested a process called World Café to help us deeply listen to one another and tap into the collective intelligence of the whole group -- to truly connect with what was emerging from our conversations.