Publication: 2012-10-10


Web Experience Management (WEM) is a redefinition or evolution of Web Content Management (WCM). Where WCM provides the foundation for collaboration by offering users the ability to manage content, WEM emphasizes the importance of the delivery of the aggregated content into a total Web Experience.

The TC shall also work in a forward looking manner and identify features that are useful but are not available in existing systems. It is a goal to explicitly use existing systems as a point of reference but be open towards extensions that may be generally useful.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:OASIS Web Experience Management Interoperability TC



  • Cedric, Chair

  • Frank van, Secretary

  • Peeter, Secretary

  • Web Content Management VendorsThe TC will accept input from various vendors' existing interfaces and domain models and other contributions for consideration without any prejudice or restrictions. These inputs will be evaluated based on technical merit in so far as they conform to this charter.

  • Architects from WEM/WCM VendorsThe primary audience for the final output of this TC includes architects from WEM/WCM vendors and implementers, as well as system architects from organizations that use WEM systems.

  • Architects from WEM/WCM Implementers

  • Architects from WEM Systems User Organizations