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Publication: 2012-11-20



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:World Affairs Council of Hilton Head


The World Affairs Council of Hilton Head (WACHH) is a forum on international affairs and American interests throughout the world with nearly 800 members drawn from across Beaufort and Jasper Counties, SC. The Board of Directors and membership include former academics, diplomats, business executives, authors and government service personnel... The World Affairs Council of Hilton Head is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As a testament to the commitment of our membership we are the largest World Affairs Council of America affiliate financed solely by membership dues and voluntary contributions.


  • Former Academics

  • Diplomats

  • Business Executives

  • Authors

  • Government Service Personnel

  • WACHH Board of Directors

  • Blaine LotzPresident

  • Michael FritzVice President

  • Joe CartyTreasurer

  • Clifton JesterRecording Secretary

  • Marion ConlinMember of the Board of Directors

  • Joan DeeryMember of the Board of Directors

  • Harold HauerMember of the Board of Directors

  • Claudia KennedyMember of the Board of Directors

  • Bill LloydMember of the Board of Directors

  • Jim ShufeltMember of the Board of Directors

  • Claire SullivanMember of the Board of Directors

  • Joan Apple LemoineAdministrative Director -- We are fortunate to have Joan Apple Lemoine as our Administrative Director, a position she has held since July of 2009. Previously, Joan served on the Board of Directors for two years as Vice President for Membership. In that position, she had attracted an active group of volunteers and had established protocol for many needs arising out of the Council's expansion of programs and community outreach. Joan, originally from Indiana, has been a resident of Hilton Head since January 2003. She is a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor and Masters in Speech and Theatre and a doctorate in Higher Education Administration. Joan served as the chief student affairs official at four colleges: Indiana University East as Director of Student Services; Western Connecticut State University as Dean of Students; Rutgers University as Dean for Academic and Student Affairs of Douglass College; and the University of South Carolina Beaufort as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. As Administrative Director, Joan is responsible for the overall administration of the Council under the direction of the President and Board of Directors. Joan facilitates the affairs of the council and membership at large, and is ever present at the reception desk at all events.

  • Beaufort County, SC

  • Jasper County, SC

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