Open Government Plan


Start: 2010-04-07, Publication: 2010-04-14


What’s next for VA - We have a lot to be excited about at VA, especially where our Veteran-centric projects and initiatives relate to open government. We are committed to building a culture of openness and transparency at every field office, hospital, benefits center, and at headquarters. We welcome the opportunity for ongoing participation and collaboration from Veterans, other federal agencies and the public to make our programs more effective and transparent. VA’s journey toward transparency and openness is just beginning and we are thankful for the thoughtful input and support of our senior leadership, employees, concerned citizens, and Veterans. The beginning miles of our journey are marked by extraordinary accomplishments of our employees from across this nation – from their innovative ideas to their willingness to accept openness as part of their every day operation – their commitment to our mission and now to an open government create the initiatives and programs that you read about here. We are proud that they have chosen VA to advance their careers and to care for our nation’s Veterans. We are proud to be part of a federal community that embraces truth and honesty as part of our daily operations. We are anxious to share our successes, be honest and open about our shortcomings, and provide opportunities for our communities, Veterans and other agencies help us improve. One of the most important ways we need to improve is in our ―data operations‖. VA is committed to meeting data transparency requirements and will develop a plan for data prioritization and release as well as milestones for implementation. We are committed to providing Veterans and the public with high priority data that is clear, concise and easy to use. We look forward to including input from the public concerning how best to reach this goal and to making high quality data accessibility a reality. VA looks forward to learning and growing as new and different instruments for open government are created and implemented. The Department of Veterans Affairs is proud to use these tools to enhance our service to the citizens of America and especially to our Veterans.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:United States Department of Veterans Affairs



  • Eric K. ShinsekiSecretary