Prototyping the Whole of E-Democracy


Publication: 2010-05-17


In prototyping the whole of e-democracy we aim to develop all essential facilities and core competences, in order to produce a first functional toolset. Although other toolsets have been developed in the past, none of them was ever functional for purposes of e-democracy, because none of them met the overall requirements. Mark Murphy was perhaps the first to address the overall requirements in his “killer app” essay,[1] and the present plan attempts to address them practice.


Name:Owen Ambur




Votorola is software for building consensus and reaching decisions in public. Installed in a local town or region, nationwide or worldwide, it functions both as a primary electoral system for nominating candidates, and a primary rule-making system for voting up laws, plans and policies. The technical backbone is a peer-to-peer voting mechanism that allows for recursive delegation and continuous vote shifting. This core-component is designed to be easily interfaceable with other components like discussionboards, collaborative drafting media, authentication tools, statitistic analysis tools etc. A voter list authentication through a neighbourhood trust network is already build in.


  • Michael AllanI develop software for Votorola, and I administer the reference server and this wiki. For contact details and other information, please visit my personal site at

  • Thomas von der ElbeI function as a project coordinator for Votorola. Any help in this field would be very much appreciated.