Publication: 2013-12-18


Unleash the power of innovation within your workshops and expect exceptional outcomes. This critically acclaimed collaboration software enables participants in the same room or around the world to brainstorm, share best thinking, vote on ideas, and see session results in real-time. See further, think deeper, and act faster by mining the best thinking of colleagues, customers and partners anytime, anywhere with ThinkTank ™

Use Cases -- ThinkTank has been used to create constitutions of nations, address the H1N1 pandemic, redefine the mission of NATO, assess the space shuttle Columbia disaster, and create billions of dollars of value in fortune 500 through strategy, product, and process improvements. Common uses include: * Risk Assessment * Innovation * Process Improvement * Six Sigma * Marketing and Branding * Strategic Planning * Facilitation * Training and Education * Finance and Accounting * Organization Change * Project Management * HR and Culture


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Group Systems




  • ParticipantsThinkTank Benefits . . . For Your Participants: * Mines the wisdom from the crowd * Separates ideas from internal politics * Enhanced outcomes * Increase efficiency - Minimum disruption to key personnel * Maximize ability to execute - Enhanced alignment on results

  • LeadersThinkTank Benefits . . . For The Leader * Engaged clients have inspiring results * Gets to a decision point faster * Eliminates most administrative work * Workshop reports made in seconds saves hours/days of time

  • FirmsThinkTank Benefits . . . For Your Firm * Differentiates the organization * Enhances quality * Maximizes sales and new product innovation