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Publication: 2013-07-11



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:The Policy Tree


The Policy Tree is an online think tank centered on public policy.


  • Matthew HarangMatthew Harang is the founder of The Policy Tree, and is a passionate public policy analyst. He has earned a B.S. in Public Policy, Management and Planning, and a Master's of Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and California State University, respectively. He has a passion for quality of life issues, urban planning, and issues regarding inner-cities. He also writes, covering Los Angeles news topics from a policy standpoint.

  • Russell RuggieroRussell Ruggiero is an author focusing on economics, politics, and technology, with over 100 published works ranging from editorials to a co-authored book on Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). His Cloud Computing related works may be seen on the Information Management and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) websites. His economic and political works are included in the San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Chronicle,, and World News.

  • Rex Brooks

  • Michael PassimentMichael Passiment is a student at Penn State University pursuing a B.S. degree in Public Policy. A dedicated student leader at Penn State, he has won several awards for his work in Student Government. His public policy interests include Energy & Environment, Education, Budgetary Policy, and Economics. Michael consistently ranks at the top of his class academically. His future plans include graduate school and further public policy research.

  • Scott SchneiderScott Schneider is a policy analyst who holds a Bachelor's of Social Work from the University of Central Florida and a Master's of Public Administration from the University of South Florida. His areas of expertise are nonprofits, public policy, finance, transportation planning, and grantsmanship. He has worked collaboratively with community organizations to assess transit needs relative to mobility, economic vitality, and overall quality of life. In addition, he has experience developing state-wide initiatives to advance healthcare research on a national and global scale.

  • Ben Hernandez Jr.Ben Hernandez Jr. is currently a student at CSU San Bernardino pursuing a Masters degree in National Security Studies. His research interests include geopolitics, particularly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In addition, he is a writer/editor for a business school that publishes educational material for real estate and financial services licensing.

  • Tasmia AkkasTasmia Akkas is currently a student at the University of Kent, United Kingdom, studying Law. She has intentions to complete an MA in Public Policy upon finishing her LLB. Her interests lie within public policy and its relation to justice, health, education and families. Furthermore she is also an editor for The Argument, a critical legal magazine