Publication: 2012-11-12


TERENA is first and foremost a collaborative organisation. Its core business is to bring together managers, technical specialists and other people in the research networking community with their counterparts from other countries in Europe, mobilising the expertise and experience of hundreds of professionals in the research and education networking area.

The development and progress in Internet technology, infrastructure and services have been led by the research community since the very beginning of the Internet. Today, that community is still the main driver of the further development of the Internet. In Europe, this leading role is made possible by the collaboration of network engineers and managers from all over the region, facilitated and supported by TERENA.


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TERENA offers a forum to collaborate, innovate and share knowledge in order to foster the development of Internet technology, infrastructure and services to be used by the research and education community.


  • TERENA ParticipantsMany of the people who participate in TERENA task forces, projects, conferences or workshops are not employees of TERENA member organisations but work in the wider research networking community, for example, in universities, research institutes or in industry.

  • Universities

  • Research Institutes

  • Industry

  • TERENA General Assembly (GA)The GA is the highest authority in the TERENA organisation. It is comprised of representatives of the TERENA members and meets twice a year to discuss policy issues concerning the association. The GA elects the members of the TERENA Executive Committee who are responsible for managing the organisation.

  • TERENA Executive Committee (TEC)The TEC manages and administers the TERENA organisation. It consists of a President, Vice President for Conferences, a Vice-President for the Technical Programme, a Treasurer and two Members at Large. The members of the TEC are elected by the General Assembly for a three-year term of office. No person may serve on the TEC for an uninterrupted period of more than six years.

  • Pierre BruyèrePresident

  • Helmut SverenyákVice-President Conferences

  • Christoph GrafVice-President Technical Programme

  • Marko BonačTreasurer

  • Alberto Pérez GómezTEC Member at Large

  • Agathoclis StylianouTEC Member at Large

  • TERENA Technical Committee (TTC)The TTC is a group of experienced and knowledgeable networking professionals whose task is to coordinate and supervise the TERENA Technical Programme. The TTC is chaired by the Vice-President Technical Programme and comprises the Secretary-General, the Chief Technical Officer, and a maximum of six other members with particular expertise in specific technical areas.

  • Technical Advisory Council (TAC)The TAC usually meets once a year at the annual TERENA Conference. It provides the TERENA members with an opportunity to advise on the direction of the Technical Programme, suggest new initiatives, exchange information with each other about national networking activities, and propose TTC members. The TAC is chaired by the Vice-President Technical Programme, and comprises the Secretary-General, the Chief Technical Officer, and up to three technical representatives from each TERENA member. Representatives of other organisations closely involved with the Technical Programme may attend at the invitation of the Chairman.

  • TERENA SecretariatThe employees of the Secretariat carry out the day-to-day activities of TERENA under the guidance of the Executive Committee. The Secretariat consists of a small professional staff based in the TERENA Secretariat Office in Amsterdam.