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Publication: 2012-10-21


Organisations face two kinds of problem. There are issues such as cost management, where the problem is plain and the solutions straightforward, if hard work. Equally, there are intractable and painful issues where the problem is largely undefined, and in which finding the nature of the question is often as important as seeking its answer. The Challenge Network deals chiefly with the second set of issues. We help organisations to articulate issues with which they have yet to come to grips. We give insight into the forces that are generating change, and we help to adapt and innovate in response to these.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:The Challenge Network


The Challenge Network is a loose international partnership of expert individuals, most of whom have occupied senior planning or management roles in commerce and the public sector. We take on projects that organisations or interests find it hard to structure for themselves.


  • Oliver SparrowDirector