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Start: 2012-11-30, Publication: 2013-10-20


Every time Washington "kicks the can down the road" by delaying action on addressing the drivers of our $17 trillion and growing national debt, politicians are actually kicking young people and our future. In short, we are that can. The Can Kicks Back is a non-partisan and Millennial-driven campaign with the goal of kicking back at Washington by demanding a sustainable and generationally equitable solution.

Our campaign was launched in November 2012 by a group of five concerned young people and has since grown to a movement of over 100 local chapters in 38 states and thousands of supporters from across the country and across the political spectrum. Simply put: we are fighting for our future and for the same economic opportunity enjoyed by our parents and grandparents.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:The Can Kicks Back


The Can Kicks Back (TCKB) is a non-partisan Millennial movement to defeat the national debt and reclaim our American Dream.


  • Young Americans

  • Ryan SchoenikeExecutive Director: Ryan Schoenike, 31, is co-founder of He has engaged with policymakers and Millennials in a variety of forums to discuss fiscal challenges. Ryan has a background in economics and has worked for a variety organizations in the energy field. He has experience in market analysis, program management, national branding campaigns and online media.

  • Nick TroianoField Director: Nick Troiano, 24, is a part-time graduate student at Georgetown University and the former National Campus Director for Americans Elect, where he organized a network of volunteers on over 300 college campuses nationwide. Nick has led prior grassroots campaigns on a local and national level, including the fiscal reform campaigns "Do We Have A Deal Yet?" (a coalition of 140+ student body presidents) and MillennialDEBT. His background and passions are at the intersection of youth civic engagement and political reform.

  • Blake WrightField Organizer: Blake Wright, 22, raised in Asheville, NC recently achieved his Bachelors in Economics with a minor in Political Science from Appalachian State University. He has previously worked in campus organizing with Americans Elect and founded Rootstrikers' National Campus Program for Harvard Law's Lawrence Lessig. In addition to his work in nonpartisan advocacy, Blake has a background in web programming and graphic design.

  • Matt Von LunenSenior Research Associate: Matt Von Lunen, 25, is a Master's of Public Policy candidate at American University from Western Pennsylvania. After receiving a BA in Political Science at the University of the South, he came to Washington, DC with a passion for economic development and labor policy. Matt has experience in government administration, policy and government relations with trade associations, and non-profit rural development.

  • Tanya FlinkResearch Associate: Tanya Flink, 21, is completing her final undergraduate semester at Emerson College with a double major in Political Communications and Theater Studies, Directing. She has been active in politics on both the local and national levels. Past internships include the Romney for President Massachusetts Finance Department. This past summer, she worked as an assistant to a local Orange County political fundraiser. After graduation, she hopes to attend law school and specialize in entertainment law.

  • Brandon ScottResearch Associate: Brandon Scott, 20, is working on obtaining his Bachelor's degrees in both Political Scienceand Economics from the University of Florida. Brandon is really passionate about solving the U.S. debt crisis and is coming to Washington D.C. this fall to further his practical knowledge with regards to the political economy. He has aspirations to one day enter politics with being a U.S. Senator or President of the United States being his top goals.

  • Brandon AitchisonBrandon Aitchison, 27, is co-founder of and is a graduate student at Georgetown University. He has been involved in engaging young Americans about the debt over the last several years and has served on expert panels discussing the implications of continued budget deficits on his generation. Brandon has a background in international relations and national security policy. He believes our staggering budget deficits are a threat to US national security

  • Michael EisenstadtMichael Eisenstadt, 32, is founder and president of YPNation, the national membership organization for Young Professionals. Michael works with Young Professional leaders on community development and public policy programs. He previously worked at Conde Nast Publications and launched an online business magazine for Young Professionals.

  • Joshua BooneLegal Advisor: Joshua Boone, 28, is a New York barred attorney. He graduated from Albany Law School cum laude in 2010 and spent two years as an in-house attorney for an asset origination corporation performing corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and asset origination services. Josh is currently employed analyzing state and federal insurance, banking and finance regulations. Josh has experience in regulatory analysis and compliance, insurance finance and banking laws, and corporate governance.

  • Tierra WarrenFinance Advisor: Tierra Warren, 26, is the former Finance Director for the College Republican National Committee where she raised $10 million dollars between 2008 and 2011. She was one of the original co-founders of "Don't Put It On Our Tab", a debt-awareness education initiative designed to contextualized the severity of the debt. A recent MBA graduate from Johns Hopkins University, Tierra currently works at The Heritage Foundation, a leading think-tank on Capitol Hill.

  • Ryan WattsCommunications Advisor: Ryan Watts, 23, is a Consultant in the Communications Sector with experience in both Media & Entertainment. He served as Founder & CEO of D3 Social Media, LLC in 2010 prior to exiting. D3 created localized digital media and PR strategies for companies in five U.S. locations. A alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Political Science and Business Administration, Ryan now works for IBM in the Strategy and Transformation group.

  • YCKB Advisory Board

  • Hon. Evan BayhFormer Democratic Senator and Governor from Indiana

  • Erskine BowlesFormer Co-Chair, National Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform; Former Chief of Staff, President Bill Clinton

  • Jonathan CowanPresident, Third Way; Former Co-Founder, Lead or Leave

  • Hon. Mickey EdwardsVice President of the Aspen Institute; Former Republican Member of Congress from Oklahoma

  • Ryan RandallInvestment Officer with the Fairfax County Retirement Systems, former Sector Analyst and Director of Public Policy with Passport Capital

  • Hon. Alan SimpsonFormer Co-Chair, National Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform; Former Republican Senator from Wyoming

  • Hon. David M. WalkerCEO, Comeback America Initiative; Former Comptroller General of the United States

  • Millennial Leadership CouncilThe Millennial Leadership Council provides strategic advice and direction on how to mobilize and empower young Americans to urge the White House and Congress to enact a fair and comprehensive debt reduction plan that protects the vulnerable, supports our current economic recovery and is conducive to long-term growth... *Leadership Council members do not necessarily represent the views of their organizations

  • Beau AllenPublic Affairs Chairman and Founding Board Member, Concord 51

  • Jess BrondoFounder & CEO,

  • Stefan Byrd-KruegerNew Media and Outreach Director, Concord Coalition

  • Michael P. DavidsonCEO, Gen Next

  • Rush DoshiAnalyst at Rock Creek Global Advisors

  • Yoni GruskinCo-founder and President, Concerned Youth of America

  • Andy MacCrackenExecutive Director of the National Campus Leadership Council

  • Caroline MatthewsCo-founder and Director of Operations, Concerned Youth of America

  • Zach MaurinDirector of ServeNext, an initiative of ServiceNation

  • Mike MurphySenior Research Associate, Comeback America Initiative

  • Ashwin NarlaStudent Body President, George Washington University (2012-2013)

  • Brent PartonSHOUTAmerica

  • Tori PohlnerStudent Body President, University of Arkansas (2012-2013)

  • Christopher Angelo PonziCo-founder and Creative Messaging Director for Rebellious Truths

  • David B. SmithFounder of and former Executive Director of National Conference on Citizenship

  • William Tarter, Jr.President, Cleveland Young Professional Senate