Publication: 2012-04-18


The Carter Center began development of the access to information legislation Implementation Assessment Tool (IAT), which serves the dual purpose of diagnosing the extent to which the public administration is capacitated to respond to requests and to provide information, as well as providing an implementation roadmap for the government. The IAT is designed to assess the specific activities/inputs that the public administration has engaged – or in some cases failed to achieve – in furtherance of a well-implemented law. It is deliberately designed not to focus on the sufficiency of the legal framework, the user side of the equation, or the overall effectiveness of the access to information regime. The IAT is constructed to serve as an input for each public agency in which it is applied, and not as a comparative index across countries.

The Carter Center will begin piloting the tool in selected countries, adapting the tool based on its initial application. The Center plans to complete the first series of pilots; utilizing Global Integrity's Indaba, an online platform for researchers; engage in a series of additional peer reviews; and make all necessary modifications to the tool in order to begin the final series of pilots. Ultimately, it is our hope that the IAT will serve to encourage and support stakeholders (government, civil society, scholars, donors, etc.) to be more effective at advancing the right of access to information.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:The Carter Center



  • Ministries of Finance

  • Ministries of Education

  • Ministries of Health

  • Ministries of Justice

  • Ministries of Agriculture

  • Customs Agencies