The Company and Its Goals


Start: 2012-10-23, Publication: 2013-08-18



Name:Owen Ambur


Name:The Bloor Group


Founded by Eric Kavanagh and Robin Bloor, The Bloor Group has the goal of expanding normal analyst activities into broadcasting and publishing. Like other analyst companies, it will pursue a planned research program, write blogs and publish technology articles. However it will also broadcast a series of live radio programs and webinars (to be made available also as podcasts) and it will publish IT books. The primary activities of The Bloor Group are orchestrated via Inside Analysis - a web site that is both a web magazine, a broadcasting hub and a business/IT social network. This network is currently in the process of being established.


  • Eric KavanaghCo-Founder -- Broadcasting: Eric Kavanagh established DM Radio for SourceMedia's Information Management Magazine as a broadcasting phenomenon within the IT industry in a few short years. It was counter-intuitive to many that Live Radio could regularly attract audiences in their hundreds in the Internet Era, and yet DM Radio does exactly that - and the audience numbers continue to rise. Eric is now also the producer and, in many cases, the host of The Bloor Group's live broadcasting events, which are an inherent part of its research programs.

  • Robin BloorCo-Founder