The Bargain


Publication: 2012-11-17


Our agenda presumes that what is missing most is not an exhaustive list of public policy ideas but a common framework in which to forge a set of grand economic bargains. Thus, our growth plan asks first and foremost for both congressional Republicans and Democrats to update their ideas and orthodoxies for a new century, and it offers a path to compromise that does not forsake core party values.

Absent such a set of policy compacts in which both sides recede from their rigid ideological positions, neither party will be able to deliver on the one imperative that is non-negotiable for American voters in any era: sustained, robust growth.


Name:Owen Ambur


Name:Third Way


Third Way is a think tank that answers America's challenges with modern ideas aimed at the center. We advocate for private-sector economic growth, a tough and smart centrist security strategy, a clean energy revolution, and progress on divisive social issues, all through moderate-led U.S. politics.


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